Two Link Tuesday

It’s a super exciting week here at Go Triangle.

No, we’re not talking about the approaching holiday season, the low gas prices we’ve been enjoying, or the Halloween candy we’ve been stealing from our kids.

Ok we’re fairly happy about those things.

The real excitement is due to two big things happening in public transit in the Triangle this week: Golden Modes and Commuter Awareness and Recognition Week in NC!

Image advertising for Golden Modes 2014

Golden Modes

One of the best things about our job is being able to promote and recognize efforts to improve transportation in our community. The heart of the Golden Modes Awards is centered on individuals and local businesses who are striving to be more conscious and proactive in developing healthy and efficient transportation practices. These awards recognize:

  • Commuters for their commitment to walking, running, skateboarding and non-cycling commutes
  • Commuters who cycle
  • Commutes that create and use carpooling and vanpooling
  • Commuters that use public transportation
  • Commuters that use more than one mode and option to get to their destination
  • Employers that promote commute options other than driving alone
  • Community organizations or groups that commit to creating a sustainable travel friendly community

To get a feel for the types of individuals involved and the work that is being done check out some previous Golden Modes winners. We hope to see you at our awards ceremony!

This year’s GoTriangle Golden Modes ceremony will be held on Thursday, November 13th at 2:30 P.M. at the Sigma Xi Conference Center at 3106 East NC Highway 54 in the Research Triangle Park.

Commuter Awareness and Recognition Week in NC

We’re so thrilled to have had Governor McCrory proclaim November 10th-14th as Commuter Awareness and Recognition Week in North Carolina. The Golden Modes recognize the importance of individuals and businesses doing their part to encourage good commuter practices and it’s amazing to see NC’s government also taking strides to do so.

The proclamation recognizes the benefits, both for individuals as well as the overall community, of choosing more sustainable transportation practices and cutting back on single-occupancy vehicle use. It also recognizes the hundreds of partners including cities and counties, businesses, local organizations, schools and other groups that raise awareness about the importance of reducing traffic congestion and increasing the Triangle and North Carolina’s air quality.

Let’s celebrate! Take some time this week to change up your commute and maybe even go outside your comfort zone a bit. Carpool with a coworker. Try out a new bus route or take your bike to the park and ride instead of driving.

We can’t wait to see you out there!



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