Transit Thursday

Today’s Transit Thursday post comes in conjunction with our Golden Modes awards ceremony. We couldn’t be more delighted to share the awesome work that local riders and businesses are doing with transportation in the Triangle and we hope you’re just as excited.

One such business that works very closely with Transit in the area, Transloc, has gotten some attention for its work in transportation technology so we thought it would be a great day to give them a little extra kudos.

Picture of the Transloc Real-Time App in Use

The Triangle Business Journal posted an article this week that highlighted the work Transloc has been doing recently as well as some projects they’re currently working on. Our very own Triangle Transit was the first transit system to utilize Transloc’s real-time bus tracking system and they have since served 130 transit systems globally.

But they have bigger fish to fry than real-time tracking.

Transloc has their eyes set on solving the issue of missing information within transit. They want to move beyond bus tracking and help transit systems understand where riders are coming from, where they’re going, how long they’re waiting for buses, and more. A rider’s time on the bus is only a portion of their trip. Whether they’re walking 3 minutes or 30 to their stop completely alters the experience they’re having with transit.

Transloc believes that the data surrounding these gaps are key to creating solutions to many other problems keeping pubic transit from being the first choice to travel.

We’ve loved working with Transloc so far and we can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

What type of information or technology do you think transportation needs in order to progress? Share our thoughts in the comments!


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