6 Podcasts You Shouldn’t Be Missing

Two Link Tuesday

We’re so thankful for our readers and especially the ones who come back every week for our Two Link Tuesday and Transit Thursday posts.

But today we’re going to do things a little bit differently:

1. Instead of talking about transit we want to talk about something you do while you’re in transit.

2. On this Tuesday, we’re going to give you way more than two links because sometimes rules are made to be broken.

We believe that utilizing public transportation is a decision that has many logical motivations and even more positive benefits. From saving you money to helping protect the environment, we believe you should stop driving alone in your car and hop on the bus with us instead.

That being said, we know your deciding to ride the bus with us doesn’t mean you actually want to talk with us. Ergo, we’ve thrown together some other great listening options for your commute.

GoTriangle’s Podcast Short List

Here we present to you, the GoTriangle Podcast Short List. These are some of the most popular podcasts and-if you are just diving into the world of podcasts-are a great jumping off point.

  1. Serial: Thursday mornings are now being dominated by the weekly release of this podcast. Each week it takes you through one piece of a non-fiction story. Get lost in this storytelling experience just like millions of others and join in the ranks that are raving about its greatness.
  2. This American Life: Brought to you by the makers of Serial, WBEZ Chicago, this oldie but goodie never goes out of style. If you love listening to stories This American Life is a great option. Every week a new podcast is released including multiple stories all connecting to a central theme.
  3. Ted Talks: Maybe you not only want to use your commute time to listen to something new but also to learn. Ted Talks are for you. You’ve probably heard of them or even listened to a few, but we want to encourage you to do that more often. Ted Talk topics are endless and enable us to learn and be challenged in just a few minutes. (A personal favorite is this talk on trying something new for 30 days.)
  4. Hound Tall: Do you find it interesting to explore mysteries of the universe while keeping the conversation light with some humor? Then make sure not to miss Hound Tall. This hour-long talk led by Moshe Kasher is definitely an interesting and refreshing departure from the popular storytelling style we’re so familiar with.
  5. Nerdist: If you are looking for some humor and find yourself enjoying Hound Tall then you should head over to Nerdist, the home for Hound Tall, and check out several other podcasts loaded with humor such as Terrified with Dave Ross.
  6. National Public Radio: Last but certainly not least is the wellspring of great talks: NPR. It goes without saying that this is a great source for expanding your mind to new things and the options are all so quality. From NPR Tiny Desk Concerts to classic podcasts such as Ask Me Another, your listening ears won’t be deprived if you stick with this source.

So hop on your bus, turn off the jams, and try to open your mind to some new voices and ideas. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Have podcasts you love and want to recommend or thoughts on the suggestions we listed? Please share with us in the comments!

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