Walk [Your City]… An Inspiring Example of Community Enrichment

Transit Thursday

Earlier this week we talked all about the great podcasts available these days.

One of the best sources, NPR, is popping up again today. WUNC is the North Carolina chapter of National Public Radio (91.5 FM) and brings great news and stories from around the state.

Recently “The State of Things“, a live show on WUNC, did a story about a Raleigh entrepreneur who is utilizing his creativity to encourage walkability in the area.

The Walk [Your City] Campaign

Matt Tomasulo created the Walk [Your City] campaign in order to encourage people to get out and walk their city and, in turn, encourage pedestrian access and mobility. What started as an illegal sign posting one night in January 2012 has caught local support and popularity and turned into a movement towards public health. You’ve probably seen the signs in various places and maybe even wondered about them.

Examples of Walk Your City signs that you can find in Raleigh.

An example of signs placed in Raleigh, NC by Matt Tomasulo for the Walk [Your City] Campaign.

They’re small and simple. Each sign tells you how many minutes it will take to walk to a specific destination and includes a QR code you can scan to get more information.

We’re so accustomed to driving from place to place that we often forget how easy it is to walk. Matt started asking people how long they thought it would take to walk to different locations and realized many thought walking to took much longer than the actual time necessary.

Thus, the Walk [Your City] sign was born. Making people aware of exactly how long it takes to walk to their destination became a super simple way to encourage them to hoof it instead of getting behind the wheel.

Walk [Your City] has even grown outside of Raleigh. Because the campaign was such a success, Matt and his team made them available for download and they have since been popping up in places from West Virginia to Europe.

Take a walk. You’ll probably be surprised at what you see, feel, and experience when you’re a part of your environment instead of just driving by it. Watch this short video to get a better feel for the project.


What Matt did with Walk [Your City] has been shared across the globe because it’s simple, effective, and achievable. What small efforts can you take to change the landscape of the communities you live in? It could be a lot easier than you think.


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