Planning for Your Thanksgiving Travel

Two Link Tuesday (For those planning to eat too much food and watch too much football until overcome by a tryptophan-induced coma)

We’re so thrilled to finally be approaching the holiday season but as much as we love it we also know it can be quite the hassle. The holidays are the time to visit friends and family and with that comes a particular surge in travel.

Getting you to your post-turkey nap is really important to us so we’re here to make it all a little bit easier for you.

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None of Your Friends Will Say Yes

Many of you are going to be travelling out of state for the holidays and that’s awesome! There’s something fun and relaxing about jet-setting to a new place or back home for a few days.

But before you ask your friends or neighbors for a ride to the airport consider this: you don’t have to ask us for a ride. We’re already going. 

Triangle Transit’s Route 100 is already making it’s way over to RDU Airport. Catching a ride with us eliminates a range of travel issues:

  • You don’t have to clean our your trunk to make sure you can fit your luggage.
  • Forget paying for extended airport parking and worrying about leaving your car unattended. Keep it in the driveway.
  • Taxi rides to the airport? Ride with us and use the money you save to buy an exorbitantly priced coffee at Starbucks before you get to your gate.
  • Being late for a flight is the absolute worst. If we hit holiday traffic you don’t have to worry. We’ll just hop on the shoulder and scoot on past it so you can scoot on through security without a care in the world.
  • You can make everyone stuck at home for the holidays jealous. Since you’re not behind the wheel you can spend your time on the bus behind your phone bragging about your great travel plans.

Ever Considered the Train?

We love to give a good shout out to our friends in transit. Today that shout out is for Amtrak. What are the benefits, you ask? Read on.

  • Book a train ticket instead of getting on a plane and save some dough.
  • You have to impress those family members you only see once a year. No weight or bag restrictions mean you’re free to bring your fashion A-game in as many different outfits as you want.
  • Holiday traffic jams don’t exactly apply to trains.
  • Views out of your train car window have a 300% chance of being better than the taillights of hundreds of cars in front of you.
  • Watching movies or playing cards and board games definitely beats any form of entertainment that is legal while driving a car.

Watch Out for the Weather

But maybe you’re one of the few who just want to stay home and relax or it’s your turn to host the holiday chaos.

Make sure to keep an eye on the weather. The Triangle is supposed to get some pretty nasty precipitation this week. Our recommendation is lots of hot beverages, warm blankets, and Christmas movies (but only after Thanksgiving is totally over).

Happy holidays and thanks for riding with us!

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