Wake Transit Strategy Kick-Off

The audience listening to transit consultant Jarrett Walker speak about the new Wake County Transit Strategy.

If you were in the Raleigh Convention Center this past Monday night then you saw this image from your seat. Jarrett Walker, author of Human Transit and transit planning consultant, spoke to a silently captivated audience about the beginnings of the Wake Country Transit Strategy. He didn’t go into specifics about what the strategy would include because, he said,

“This plan is yours.” 

Whether this plan focuses on frequency or coverage or if it speaks more to buses, or bike trails, or a light rail is all up to the people in the community who are involved in developing it. It’s a simple but monumental idea. This plan is yours. 

We don’t know about you but we’re really excited to see the results of this in oncoming months.

The advisory board currently working on the plan includes 70 individuals from all parts of Wake County and on Tuesday they began the process of putting it together.

Until then, read this great article describing the meeting on Monday night or watch it in its entirety to get the full effect of how cool this opportunity is.

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