Our goal at GoTriangle is to encourage people to utilize public transportation as a way to enrich individual lives and whole communities. We firmly believe that public transportation not only gets you from A to B but also unites societies.

Today’s events in Sydney, Australia have been a reminder that public transit, for some, can be a place of persecution due to skin color, religion, race, etc. Though we are saddened to hear that some people travel on public transit in fear of this we are deeply encouraged to see so many across the globe rallying together in the form of a simple hashtag.

If you aren’t familiar, the trending hashtag #illridewithyou has emerged in response to this terrible situation and is being used to say, ‘if you’re afraid to ride alone then I’ll ride alongside of you’ and it’s definitely giving people in Sydney the opportunity to ask for and give help. This message is also doing another very important thing. It’s giving all of those on social media a glimpse of hope for solidarity and inclusion.

This morning a member of our team was overheard saying,  “As someone who works in transit living in a community that could use some uplifting, this reinforces the power of social media and public transportation. ‪#‎illridewithyou‬” We couldn’t have summed it up any better than this.

What acts of kindness or ways of connecting with people on public transit do you think could change the way we commute?

Share with us in the comments. We want to know what you think.

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