Staying Warm With Transit

Normally this space is used for talking about transit news in the Triangle or cool stories from other parts of the nation and the globe.

Today, instead, I just wanted to share a short and sweet thought about commuting with transit.

This morning I opened my door to head out to work and immediately though,

When did I teleport to Chicago?

The cold was a smack in the face that us here in North Carolina just aren’t ok with.

GIF from 101 Dalmations

I knew I needed to drive this morning instead of jumping on the bus so I’d parked my car where the sun would hit it.

Didn’t matter.

Still. So. Frigid. at 8:30am this morning.

It takes me about 15 minutes to drive to work and only 30 to ride the bus.

I normally walk just a few streets to my DATA stop, transfer at Durham Station over to the 700 and then enjoy a peaceful ride straight to the Triangle Transit offices where I smile and wave at everyone stuck in their cars.

GIF of Audrey Hepburn waving from inside a car.

But this morning this morning I was cold, stuck in slow-moving traffic, and watching my breath fill up my car. All I could think about was how cozy the buses are during this weather.

GIF of a picturesque, cozy-looking cottage covered in snow.

I’m off to do it all over again on my drive home but I hope you find our buses to be a comforting, warm way for you to travel and I hope I see you there tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “Staying Warm With Transit

  1. Ha, yeah. When it’s this cold, i first leave as late as possible for the stop, even if that means I’ll have to truck it. I also make sure I’m properly layered up, though I despise putting on all those clothes, bah winter! Did pretty good yesterday. It’s usually not as bad actually standing in it as we make out in our minds. Good luck, and happy riding! I’m on at 6 Am, early.

  2. Ya you need to be careful and bundle up. Frostbit is always in the back of my mind. Wake up as lat as possible and pack a hot coffee or hot chocolate for the afternoon.

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