Thoughts on the Student Commute Challenge from this Year’s Winner

Congratulations, students! We were so impressed and excited with the miles that you logged during our Student Commute Challenge this year. Whether you walked, biked, carpooled, or took the bus we’re super proud!

This year’s challenge winner, Gregory Cooper, totally summed up our goals for this event in his testimonial. No matter how you choose to commute, we hope the benefits of choosing to leave your car at home are super clear.

Gregory Cooper

Winner | Student Commute Challenge

Photo of Gregory, the winner of the Student Commute Challenge.

I participated in the GoTriangle Student Commute Challenge because I believe in minimizing my Carbon Footprint. Leaving my car at home not only saves me on gas and parking but also helps me to lead a greener lifestyle and to keep myself in good physical shape.

My main method of commuting to class is generally to ride my bike from my off-campus house, or if conditions are bad, a shorter bike ride to east campus where I catch a campus bus to west campus. I have been using this mode of transportation ever since I started at the Nicholas School of the Environment in the fall. It has been fun to ride my bike in a variety of conditions like snow flurries and rain. Having the right gear makes this more enjoyable but the added challenge really makes me enjoy the commute.

Participating in the challenge helped me to realize just how far I have been commuting and how inefficient it would be to do the same trip driving. I would tell other students that there are many modes of alternative transportation to get to class, the campus bus service is excellent but biking and walking are also a really fun way to enjoy the city of Durham and meet a few people you may not have otherwise. Not to mention that it is a great way to get a quick workout into our increasingly busy schedules.

Thanks for your participation, Gregory! We can’t wait to see the miles you log next year and how your experience can encourage others on your campus to choose smart commuting habits. 

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