Two Link Tuesday – Telework Week Resources

It’s Telework Week and we couldn’t be more excited! Much of the staff here gets to enjoy the benefits of teleworking so talking about it for a week is easy for us.

In case that’s not the situation where you work, we wanted to give you some ammunition when approaching your boss with a request to telework.

Convincing the Man of the Benefits of Telework

From increased productivity to a higher level of job satisfaction, there’s a myriad of benefits for employers who allow their staff to telework, but the biggest incentive: money.

For example, the winter of 2014 saw huge storms hit a large part of the U.S. While many of us were buried underneath all of that snow, the employees who had the ability to telework did just that. They kept on working.

This article from Nextgov talks about the $32 million dollars saved during one of these four-day periods. The shocking part, that’s the amount saved by the federal government in D.C. alone. This doesn’t even include the private companies that face the same struggles during inclement weather.

We know. It’s shocking that this kind of benefit hasn’t turned teleworking into a standard as opposed to a perk.

 How to Get the Most Out of Your Recently Won Telework Days

Productivity during telework days is all about preparation. Make sure you have all the tools you need to get the job done and create an environment that sets you up for success.

Fast Company has a great article of tips on making your home office your dream office so you can impress the pants off your boss when you suddenly become a productivity machine.

What are your telework secrets? Tell us how you convinced your boss that you NEEDED telework days. Share in the comments!

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