Transit Thursday – When You Don’t Commute At All

Telework Week has been a great reason to discuss the pros & cons of alternative working styles and methods, but telework is something that’s discussed all the time in our offices.

GoTriangle is one of those great employers that encourages people to work from home if it suits them. I am one of those lucky employees. On Tuesdays and Fridays you can find me on my couch, in a coffee shop, and occasionally even a college library. (Shhh. Don’t rat me out!)


Slow mornings:

When you don’t have to use mornings to get ready for the office you can replace that time with some pretty good stuff. Slow breakfasts, waking up with some loud music, yoga, 3o minutes of extra sleep,  or coffee with a friend. It’s time during the week that I can use to pump other joys into my day and makes me a feel a little more… me. (*Bonus: getting to dress however you want. HELLO sneakers and flannel.)

A picture of what I wear on telework days: flannel, jeans, and sneakers.

A Schedule Change-Up

I’m NOT a morning person so I have to work out after I leave the office. Sometimes this can be difficult. On telework days, I can go to the gym during lunch. It’s less busy, gives me a jolt of energy for my afternoon hours, and leaves my evenings (which are commute-free) open for fun things.

I Eat Better

When I can cook a big breakfast or make a super fresh salad without having to think about packing it up for the office I end up making better, tastier food choices.A big breakfast with bacon, eggs, fruit, yogurt, and coffee that I cooked on a telework day.

Fresh Extroversion Outlets

I am an EXTREME extrovert. (Sorry if you’re an introvert. I have no advice for you.) Lucky for me, some of my coworkers have also become great friends over the last 6 months and make the office really enjoyable. So while teleworking can be lonely for me, I offset the loneliness by working from a coffee shop when I’m feeling stir crazy. It gives me the sense of being around people while also giving me the ability to work distraction-free which is a huge benefit of teleworking. *Bonus: A coffee here or a lunch there is a great way to support local businesses.

An image of my laptop and coffee at Cocoa Cinnamon while looking onto Geer St.


Is your office a boring space? Don’t feel bad. Mine is too. When I’m working at home I have to capitalize on developing a creatively stimulating environment that’s built JUST FOR ME. It’s amazing how little details can make your surroundings conducive to knocking it out of the park during your workday.

Check out my “Work Work Work” Pinterest board for some workspace inspiration.


Did we convince you to give teleworking a shot? Are you a pro at getting the most out of your telework days? Share your comments, photos, and stories in the comments!

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