May Means Bike Month!

It’s Bike Month and Today We’re Focused On:

Bike Basics. Do you have them?

Graphic saying "helmet, lights, lock"

Today’s post (and all of them during the month of May) is focusing on a specific type of transit: biking.

You may have heard that May is National Bike Month. If you haven’t, MAY IS NATIONAL BIKE MONTH!

In the spirit of two-wheeled travel and before we embark on a month of bike-flavored fun, we wanted to discuss the basics of becoming a regular cyclist.

First things first! If you’re new to cycling, it can be pretty intimidating to find the right bike for you, know where to ride, or decide what gear you should invest in at first.

It’s more simple that you think.

The three basics we recommend everyone have are: a helmet for every single ride, lights for night riding, and a lock for any time you’re parking your bike.

REI has put together a really great breakdown for new riders that answers tons of questions, even the ones you may feel timid about asking. (Remind me to tell you about the time I needed help pumping up my tires)

For all you seasoned cyclists, were there specific things you felt were daunting when you first started riding? What tips would you have for beginners?

Share with us in the comments!

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