Transit Thursday

Things You Should Know

A group of cyclists at the Old Capital Building in Downtown Raleigh while on an Oaks and Spokes Group Ride

Photo from one of Oaks and Spokes‘ groups rides they have put on in celebration of Bike Month. 

In our attempt to always help our readers stay in the know, this week’s Transit Thursday is all about transit happenings in the Triangle and on the web. Because it’s Bike Month, the web is abuzz with all things cycling, traveling, commuting, etc. We’ve pulled some of our favorites for you.

First up: Raleigh Union Station Groundbreaking is tomorrow! We’ll be there to make sure you’re getting all the updates. Follow us on Twitter to keep track if you can’t make it to the event.

Cyling tech you didn’t know you needed but now you won’t want to live without.

San Francisco is giving raised cycling lanes a try. Let’s get these to the Triangle!

The hi-tech rain poncho you’ll want to have while riding your bike but can wear on the street.

And my personal favorite, an Instagram account to remind you of the beauty that you can be seen from the seat of a bike .

What cool things have you been talking about for Bike Month? Let us know in the comments!

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