Two Link Tuesday

Get Set, Go Smart Bike Month

Over the last several weeks, we’ve learned a lot and had even more fun during all of the fantastic Bike Month events.

Even though Bike Month is officially over after this week, we want to leave you with some things you can still get excited about. And as always, it’s important to remember that Bike Month is over but the benefits and fun to be had from biking last all year round.

This week in cycling news…

Bullseye Bicycle in downtown Durham has great events going on this week. Join them in the shop tonight for a beer or ride along their Thursty Thursday group ride in a couple of days.

This CityLab article talks about an app you can use to report cars whose drivers aren’t the best at parking. Would you report a car that’s in a bike lane?

If you’re the competitive type, test your limits in Raleigh’s Hepcat Race on June 6th. Join this scavenger hunt on wheels to have a good time and raise money for a cause.

Some tips to stay safe while riding in big groups.

And finally, if a month of riding your bike has made you a little tired… kick back and watch some movies about biking instead of hitting the road.

Enjoy the rest of bike month and remember to always #GoSmartBike!

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