Two Link Tuesday

The Price of Parking and the Loss of a Bike-Share Plan

You may have seen an article in the News & Observer yesterday about some transit happenings in downtown Raleigh.

In case you didn’t, we’ll give you a quick recap. (You can also read the full article here.)

The two big ticket items are parking and bike-sharing. Needless to say, we have a lot of mixed feelings.

Parking is a cost that is often carried by those not even utilizing it as a service. Creating a small fee for nights and weekends parking could encourage those visiting downtown Raleigh for nightlife to choose transit instead. (Alright, so we might be a little biased here.)

The decision to nix the bike-sharing program is a disappointing one. Public response to the idea of a bike-share was overwhelmingly positive, but the budget to take effect on July 1st won’t include this service. According to Councilman Bonner Gaylord, this will likely lead to the loss of $2 million in grant money previously secured for the program. Major bummer.

Cities like Atlanta and Philadelphia have bike-shares in the works for 2015. Hopefully, a shift in public and political opinion will take a hint from these cities and do the same. Keeping our fingers crossed!


What do you think about the parking and bike-sharing updates? Tell us in the comments!

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