Dump the Pump

Today is National Dump the Pump Day!

Dump the Pump June 18, 2015 Ride Public Transit

Even though we’re advocates for dumping the pump, ditching the car, and using public transit EVERY DAY we’re super excited to share today with our transit community.

Did you know that families who downsize to using just one car save – on average- more than $9,569 a year?

How many months’ rent, school lunches, hours of babysitting, or shopping trips could that be for you and your family?

And on top of the money you can save by taking public transit, you can also be help your community’s economy.

For every $1 spent on public transit, there is a $4 return in economic benefits.

So we’ve convinced you that this whole transit thing may be a good idea. What now?

Give it a try today, June 18th, for National Dump the Pump Day. Leave the car at home and hop on a bus. See how easy it can be. See who you could meet during your commute. See us out there, too.


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