Greenlights: June 2015 Issue

June 2015 Green Lights

Employee Spotlight: Steve SaltzmanPhoto of Steve Saltzman, Commuter of the Month, on his bike

In June, GoSmart has focused on carpooling, and more than five years ago Steve gave up his parking pass at work and has commuted by carpool, bicycle and foot ever since. Besides his commute, whenever Steve has to travel for work, he looks for carpool options with coworkers. For work or pleasure, he continues to make smart travel choices – from renting a bike to get around cities, to booking hotels with access to mass transit and within walking distance of his meetings. Self-Help Credit Union touts his smart commuting choices with the organization to demonstrate easy ways to reduce one’s environmental footprint.

Steve encourages colleagues to bike by being a mentor. He joins them on rides to work until they’re comfortable negotiating traffic. He also keeps tools, spare innertubes, and a floor pump in his office.

When Steve began cycling to work, he lived six and a half miles away. It took 25 minutes to commute compared to a 15 minute car ride, but he ended up more aggravated when he drove. The only other cost of riding a bike was that he had to buy new pants when he lost weight!

If you’re a cyclist, be sure to stay hydrated this summer. If you’re leaning toward a less active option and looking to find a carpool option in the Triangle, check out Share the Ride NC. You can see if coworkers and neighbors you may not know yet are also looking to share the cost of commuting – even if it’s only one day a week. The registration also includes the free Emergency Ride Home program for days you’re not the carpool driver. Sign up to be a driver in the month of June and you’re entered in a drawing for a pair of Durham Bulls tickets!

Employer Highlights: GlaxoSmithKline

GSK, do more, feel better, live longer

Angelo Voutsinos has been the Employee Transportation Coordinator for GlaxoSmithKline for more than 20 years. He helped build the program in RTP and Philadelphia and says, “It’s been a great ride.”  Over the years GSK has supported countless initiatives, and together they have implemented programs that reflect the commitment to their employees and the environment. Some highlights of GSK’s list of nearly 20 distinct commuter benefits and initiatives are a $30/month subsidy program – which saves money for the employer and employee’s taxes; a telework program; preferential parking for carpoolers, vanpoolers and alternate fuel vehicles; an on-campus bike share program; and protecting commuter health by raising a special alert flag on poor air quality action days.

These programs and more provide and promote commuting alternatives to GSK staff, reducing congestion and improving air quality. In turn, employees do their part by participating in GSK programs that directly support environmental sustainability.

Insider’s Tip:

Even if you don’t work for GSK, you can get ozone awareness alerts for your organization through the NC Division of Air Quality. Add an RSS to your company’s intranet page, or sign up for twitter or email alerts to know when it’s safe to enjoy the outdoors or when you should opt for carpools, transit, or when to skip cutting the grass. If you are looking for other ways to start or improve your organization’s commuter benefits program, contact your GoSmart Local Service Provider.

Congratulations to Our Winners!

Telework Month was in March – because the best commute is no commute! Congratulations to Stefan Oehlers from Duke University. He was able skip almost 170 miles in travel because he was able to work without going to the office and won a $50 gift card from Macy’s!



Take a look at this month’s GoPerk Winners…. And if you’re not tracking your smart commutes to win prizes, sign up for the GoPerks incentive program now!

May’s GoPerks WinnersGoPerks Logo 3

Susan Sylvester – UNC Staff – $10 Baberitos Gift Card

Tiwanna Nevels – Durham County Government – $10 Baberitos Gift Card

Graham Bruns – Stewart Engineering – $10 Café Carolina and Bakery – Cameron Village

Desere’ Cross – UNC – $10 Cuban Revolution Gift Card

Rick Salmon – IBM – $10 Dickey’s Barbeque

Kerry White – Parsons Brinkerhoff – $10 Shop Downtown Raleigh Gift Card

Demond Hunt – SECU – $10 The Oxford Restaurant

Amy Wentley – IBM – $10 Tobacco Road Sport Café

Enrich Staib – Duke University – $10 Tyler’s Taproom

Jim Brown – EMC – $10 Johnny Carino’s

Terry Burns – Pfizer – $5 McDonald’s Gift Card

Holly Leddy – Duke University – $5 Mellow Mushroom

Samantha Thomas – Duke University – $5 Saladelia Café

Peter Chow – UNC – $5 Tobacco Road Sports Café

Lamont Burt – Duke University – $5 Whichwich Gift Card

GoPerks Party Winner!!

In April we held the GoPerks party to celebrate all of our sponsors and winners! Join us as we congratulate our door prize winner, Pam Chehreh of Bell and Howell, LLC, for winning the I-Pad Mini at our first GoPerks Party.


Thank you, GoPerks Sponsors!

                                                                                                                                 CV stackedIBM_logo


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