Transit Thursday

In the spirit of Transit Thursday, this week we’re bringing you transit news from all over. From strikes and construction to bike lanes and Google monopolies, there are a lot of interesting things going on in the world.

Image Jonathan Riley / Flickr


Right now in LA… more frequent bus network but without any new cost. How, you say? This City Lab article gives you the breakdown.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a transit strike going on in London right now and their entire “tube” system is shut down. Four unions are striking, creating a walk-out of 20,000 employees.

San Diego is breaking ground on a $65 million transit project. The hope is for the project to make travel in the area better.

Incredible cyclists in Russia are exploring their city and testing their limits…. even in -18 degree weather. We no longer have excuses for driving instead of biking because of some rain.

Even though buses and bikes are our true loves, there’s definitely a small place in our hearts for ridesharing services. Carpooling with friends or using a ridesharing service is often a great substitute for driving your own car. And now? Google is getting into the ridesharing game with their new app, RideWith.

What transit happenings have you been seeing in the news? Share with us in the comments and keep us in the loop!

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