Two Link Tuesday

Today’s Two Link Tuesday is being overtaken by #TeleworkTuesday!

Teleworking is an often overlooked method of cutting down driving, reducing rush-hour traffic, and saving money on transit. Here at GoSmart, we encourage our employees to take a day or two each week to work at home or their local coffee shop instead of coming into the office.

Image of a computer, coffee cup, and notebook on a table. The note reads "You can do it! - Coffee"


Our social media specialist, Eleanor Hawthorne, shares her #TeleworkTuesday view including some words of inspiration from her coffee. (Taken at a favorite local coffee shop, Brew, in Raleigh.)

In addition to all the benefits of not driving, teleworking offers a variety of perks. You can choose your own working environment, work in a coffee shop and keep that caffeine high going all day long, exercise during lunch without being seen by coworkers in your bike shorts, etc. For some people, getting to work out of the office enables them to really get in the zone and not out tasks that are difficult to complete when busy with meetings or unexpected requests.

And since we still really love Two Link Tuesday… here are a couple of links to help you kickstart your telework days.

12 Tips to Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Harvard Business Review Looks at the Increase in Productivity When Employees Work at Home

Where are your favorite telework spots? What are your favorite aspects of teleworking? Tag your photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with #TeleworkTuesday and you may win some swag from us!

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