Two Link Tuesday

Earlier today, GoDurham posted an article citing the Durham and Chapel Hill area as having the 3rd largest decrease in commutes by car in the nation!

We have to say… we’re pretty proud.

Redesigned GoDurham Bus

This also made us think more deeply about the changes that have occurred in the area to cause such a change. We did some research and have a few ideas we think are contributing to the Triangle, specifically Durham and Chapel Hill, becoming less car-centric.

City Lab did a great rundown on the subject. Though most of the country still relies on cars to get around, they took a microscope to the cities where this trend is on the decline. From cities with healthy transit systems to college towns with lots of foot traffic, they break down the numbers for us.

There’s also a shift among younger generations towards working and living where alternative means of travel are accessible. APTA, the American Public Transportation Association, noticed this and has stated in reports that,

Millennials are multimodal, they choose the best transportation mode (driving, transit, bike, or walk) based on the trip they are planning to take. Communities that attract Millennials have a multitude of transportation choices, as proven by Millennial hotspots, popular zip codes where residents have self-selected into a multi-modal lifestyle.

No matter the reasons, we’re thrilled to see the driving culture in the area changing and we’re so thankful to all of our riders on GoDurham, Chapel Hill Transit, GoTriangle, GoRaleigh, and C-Tran for helping to create that change.

2 thoughts on “Two Link Tuesday

  1. Chapel Hill is a college town, and college students can’t afford cars, especially now. A college education costs what a small home costs, and an alarming number of students have been graduating or worse, dropping out, with the equivalent of a mortgage on their back.

    The millennials were hit particularly hard – they graduated during the worst global economy since the Great Depression, and economists expect that a large percentage of their generation will be under-employed for their lifetime. Who do you hire – the new grad or someone who graduated 5 years ago and has been waiting tables ever since? Most employers are skipping the millennials and hiring the new grads.

    The ATPA is an advocacy group with a mission to put public transport in a positive light, their “reports” are biased and spun; not to be taken as a true representative of honest data.
    And THAT is why they included a college town that didn’t belong in their dataset in their report.

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