Transit Thursday – The College Edition

Welcome back! We hope the beginning of your fall semester is getting off to a wonderful start!

Whether you’re an incoming freshman to a college in the Triangle or are returning for another great year, there’s a ton to see and do here and we’re ready to help you get there. Downtown Raleigh frequently opens up its streets to festivals and gallery walks. Music in Chapel Hill might be a must-do for you. If you’re hungry, chances are good Durham has the food you’re craving.

There are a lot of tips we could give you about using public transit. (We will and if you’re curious please ask us!) But there’s one thing in particular we want you to get excited about today.

GoPass. GoPass. GoPass. 


If you take away one thing from this blog post that’s it. If you’re a student you should be riding transit in the area because it’s FREE. From getting to ride all of GoRaleigh routes for free, being able to hop on Chapel Hill Transit anytime, or having a GoPass to ride any system in the area anytime you want, public transit is the cheap, easy, and reliable means of getting around. Don’t worry about having a car on campus or figuring out where to park without getting a ticket.

Ride with us. Check out this list. Find your school. Get hooked up with transit.

The following schools will give you a GoPass:




Durham Tech

The following schools provide some form of free transportation:

UNC (Chapel Hill Transit is already free. If you live outside of its routes, you’re eligible for GoPass.)

Meredith College (Provides a U-Pass which gives you free access to all of GoRaleigh’s routes.)

If you have questions about GoPass or want to know more about how to ride, where to go, or tips for using transit please get in touch!

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