7 Reasons to Love the Student Commute Challenge

The Student Commute Challenge is Here

So get on the bus, hop on your bike, pick up a friend and earn points to help take your school to victory.

You can go to http://www.studentcommutechallenge.com to register and find out all the nitty gritty details, but today we wanted to share a few reasons why we’re excited about the competition and you should be, too.

jon stewart excited

1. You’re already doing it.

Chances are good you’re already getting yourself to campus. Now, you can make it really count. Even if it’s a segway, log it in. But please don’t get hurt.

segway failure

2.You get to make other schools look bad (and yours look great).

Remember, this is a competition. Whether you’re a part of Wolfpack Nation or the Cameron Crazies, make sure you’re representing.

3.Dope prizes await the winners.

Can we say iPad?

4.It’s something other than classwork that you can do with friends. Just start a team!

5.Every time you use an alternative method of travel you’re basically giving the environment a high-five.

fresh prince high five

6.It’s a good reason to test out your school or city’s public transit system if you haven’t already. If you have, get your friends to give it a test run with you.

like a bus

7.It’s an extra motive to get you out of bed and into class. Aren’t exams coming up? You should probably head to campus even if you’re still in your sweats.


So get out there. Log your trips on the Student Commute Challenge website and demolish the competition.


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