Fortify Friday – Look for More Lane Shifts in I-40 Fortify Work Zone

This just in from NCDOT! Remember, if you deal with the Fortify construction traffic, check out to see if you can find a better way to get around.


RALEIGH – With a break in the recent rain, contractor crews might soon have final lane shifts in place on the I-40 section of the Fortify project and could begin working to preserve the crumbling roadway from further damage caused by winter weather.

  • An additional lane shift could be in place as early as this weekend on westbound I-40 West – from the Hammond Road exit to the off ramp for South Saunders Street – with the shoulder being used as a regular travel lane.
  • A lane shift on the U.S. 1/64 North ramp onto I-40 East is planned for the middle of next week.
  • A lane shift for I-40 West between the South Saunders off- and on- ramps will also take place next week. The following night, the shift will be extended to the Lake Wheeler Road interchange.

Once the shifts are in place, crews will put up barrier walls in those areas to complete the process.

Early next week, crews also plan to start sealing rough spots and cracks on the inside two lanes in both directions between Lake Wheeler Road and the I-440 split in southeast Raleigh.

The work will help prevent precipitation from getting into the roadway through the winter months, which could help prevent further potholes and damage to the road surface.

Crews will also put down new travel lane markings and reflective markers in those improved areas.

With the upcoming holidays, no additional lane closures can take place for most of the time from Dec. 18 until Jan. 3. There will be work, however, in the blocked-off section of I-40 where the inside lanes are being rebuilt.

All construction will be halted for a few days around Christmas.



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