Two Link Tuesday – Go$mart to Save Money

where-s-the-money-gone-1513359-1600x1200You’ve probably already figured out that transit has physical and mental health benefits, but what about your wallet’s health? You’ll be happy to hear that changing your commute, even just once a week, can have a big impact on your budget.

  1. 5 Ways to Ditch Your Car and Save Money on TransportationCheatSheet

    According to AAA, the annual cost to own and operate a vehicle is $8,698. Ouch. That’s more than $700 a month that you could be saving if you opted for public transportation! But even if you can’t completely embrace a car-free lifestyle, taking the bus a few times a week can take a big scoop out of your car-related expenses.

    In addition, rideshare, biking, and telecommuting are all extremely cost-friendly
    alternatives! (Oh would you look at that, GoSmart has Carpool, Vanpool, AND biking options!)
  2. FuelSavingsFuel Savings Calculator APTA

    This online calculator can help you crunch the numbers. Just input your car’s gas mileage and size, your commuting miles, and transit costs, and quickly see how much you can save using public transportation.

It’s not too late to get started on your resolutions, so head over to to learn more and don’t forget to track your commute with GoPerks! Join the conversation: #NewYearNewCommute.

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