Transit Thursday -New Commute Q&A

Moore_sq_2_083115We know change can be hard. That’s why we want your #NewYearNewCommute resolution to be as easy as possible. We are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions right here, right now!

Question #1: How do I go about riding the bus?

Answer: Well, that depends on where you’re going. If you’re traveling within a city/town, you’re most likely going to use that area’s local transit system. In Chapel Hill/Carrboro you’ll hop on a Chapel Hill Transit vehicle, in Cary it’s C-Tran, and then we have GoDurham and GoRaleigh, serving, you guessed it, Durham and Raleigh respectively. GoTriangle is the regional provider with routes throughout the Triangle. These five bus systems comprise the GoTransit family of services and you can get more info about each at

PROTIP: If your travel plans have you transferring between systems, e.g. taking a GoDurham bus and then transferring to GoTriangle to get to RDU, you’re gonna want a Regional Day Pass. It costs $4.50 and it’s good for a full day of rides on all regular bus routes. $6 gets you an Express Regional Day Pass which includes all the regular routes and the express routes. Don’t know the difference? All the express routes in our area have an “x” in their name (CRX, DRX, etc.), operate only during peak morning and evening commute times, and have limited stops.

Bus passes can be bought on the bus with cash (exact fare, please!), as well as in person at the major transit hubs in our area, the Regional Transit Center near RTP, Durham Station, and Moore Square in Raleigh. Chapel Hill Transit is free for everyone. Buy your GoPass online here. To find your commute route, check out our Trip Planner or the TransLoc app.

Need some assistance and need it fast? No matter where you are in the Triangle, give us a call at 919-485-RIDE (7433) to get help with trip planning, bus arrival information, lost items, and more.

Question #2: What about other forms of transit?

Answer: We have resources on the GoSmart website for: Vanpool, carpoolbiking, and walking!

biking-1183092Question #3: Are there benefits to riding transit?

Answer: Yes, yes, and yes! With transit there are physical health, mental health, and budget benefits, among many others!

Question #4: What about prizes?

Answer: You got it! GoPerks is an awesome program where you can track your miles, gain points, and use those points to win incentives. Learn more at

Question #5: What is #NewYearNewCommute anyways?

Everything you may want to know can be found at So get started on that commute resolution!

Love your new commute? Have you been a transit commuter for a while? Share your love of transit with #GoLoveNC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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