Two Link Tuesday – Predicting the Future

We love providing you with the latest in transit news, local developments, and entertaining gifs. This week is no different, so without further ado:

1. The Commute of the Future? Ford Is Working On ItNew York Times 


Ryan Lowry for The New York Times +

Ford, the car company that made history in 1908 with the first Model T, continues to anticipate the future, this time looking towards multimodal transportation. Working with design firm Ideo, Ford wants to do more than sell cars.

Ford has sent the Ideo team on a mission to define commuting patterns of the future. Though most of Ideo’s research is still under wraps, the firm has found some commonalities in how people use transportation. Ideo split commuters into three groups: Time Trumpers, those who only care about speed of the journey; Everyday Improvers, those who look to make a familiar commute more efficient or enjoyable; and Experience Seekers, adventurous spirits who is more willing to try a new route or walk in nice weather. From this research, Ideo and Ford plan on creating group-specific apps.

2. #MondayMovieMomentTwitter 

We are always trying to think of creative ways to talk more about alternative transportation! That’s why we’ve created #MondayMovieMoment, where each week we will be talking movies with buses…or maybe bikes or carpools or walking…you get it. Yesterday’s pick was Speed(Great movie, awful use of a bus.)

Know a great movie that highlights alternative transportation? Comment below or join the conversation on Twitter at @GoSmartNC!


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