Transit Friday – Donuts and Surfboards?

It’s only been three days and March is shaping up to be a transit-filled month! Here is a list of all the exciting things happening in transit this month:

1. #TransLocUber is live in the Triangle!


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Thanks to everyone who made the TransLoc-Uber launch event a huge success yesterday morning at Durham Station! Donuts and coffee kept everyone warm, Wool-E-Bull joined in on the fun, and Mayor Bell spoke to the audience about the future of multi-modal transportation.

The TransLoc and Uber app integration hopes to help bus riders with the first-mile/last-mile problem! To become a beta tester, head to

2. Let’s talk transit!


So I posed a question to my Anchor followers: what is your work commute like? My followers on the social media application are from all over the world, so I was interested in the variety of answers.

One Boston native loves her train commute because she can listen to NPR. A car commuter in Northern California wished he could change to a bike commute. Other answers included a 7 minute walk, a frustrating daily drive, and a short streetcar ride. You can listen here!

3. BONUS: California surfboarders, listen up.

The Santa Monica Expo Line will be opening in May and the question on everyone’s mind has been answered: “Yes, you can bring your surfboard on the train!” Whew, I was worried.

giphy (20)

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