#CarlessMarch – Week One

Hey all! Thanks to everyone who is cheering me on as I complete #CarlessMarch! Here is my experience from Week One:


Getting some reading in on my bus commute!

The first week went a lot smoother than I imagined! My bus commute consists only of one bus ride for a total of 20 minutes. As long as I get to the stop on time, they are no issues! One day I missed my bus (oops!), but luckily I could wait it out at a local coffee shop. My first full week of bus commuting? Check!

Saturday is when I reached my first road block (pun intended). I had to go to the DMV, which is ten minutes away, but as hard as I tried I couldn’t find a bus trip under an hour! I got in my car. As I waited in the long line at the DMV I thought about all the people who don’t have the luxury to jump in their car if the bus ride seems too long. It has changed my perspective on our riders and the faith they put into our system.

giphy (24)

The DMV is the worst! Courtesy of Zootopia

The rest of the week went as planned! In the next few weeks I plan on being more public about my goals. I got great advice from John Tallmadge’s past #CarlessMarch experience. He says that if you want to be truly committed you have to be specific about your goal, public in your ambitions, and have a solid plan. Here goes nothing! See you next week!

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5 thoughts on “#CarlessMarch – Week One

  1. Way to go, Samantha! Maybe the predictably lousy DMV experience is why fewer young people are aching to get a driver’s license (my teenage daughters excepted).

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