#CarlessMarch – Week Two

Hello all! Thanks again for the continued support as I complete Carless March. If you want to see what happened last week, read here.

IMG_0165What I’ve learned over the last week is that being car-less is not just about taking the bus. There are so many other ways to travel! While my first week was all about the bus, week two was spent carpooling! (My roommate started a new job near my office and offered to drive me to work!)

Here are a few other ways you can travel if you don’t have a car:

1. Carpool

It’s been calculated that the average American spends 434 hours (18 days!) in a car each year. Why should you spend all that time alone? At GoSmart we have great resources for finding a carpool, or maybe even joining a vanpool! We know it can be pretty scary to shake up your routine, so be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions, find a great playlist, and be inspired by Adele.

2. Biking

Over here at GoSmart we are big fans of the bike commute. If you need more info, check out gosmartnc.org/gobike. And be sure to sign up for the safety awareness ride on Sunday, April 3rd.

3. Telework

wireless-home-office-1240115Staying off the road for an extra day (or more) a week is a great way to help save the environment, but is also a great solution if you are without a car. This week is Telework Week(!), so be sure to check out our website and join in on the conversation on Twitter.

These are just a few alternative options to consider, whether you have a car or not. Tell us about your alternative commute in the comments or on any of our social media below!

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One thought on “#CarlessMarch – Week Two

  1. This March weather is making the bicycle a much easier option! Best part: rolling by the the bumper-to-bumper backed-up traffic on W Chapel Hill St. in Durham. Suckers!!

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