The 7 Habits of Successful Commuters

We know that altering your daily car commute is not simple, and we want to make it as easy as possible. Here are the top habits of successful smart commuters!

1. Be Proactive

Okay, so you are thinking about changing your commute. Yay! But you should know, this is not an overnight project. If you want to be a sustainable commuter, it’s time to take a hard look at your current commute. Single occupancy vehicles (SOVs) contribute to roadway congestion, air pollution, and oil consumption.

destination-1465110-640x4802. Start With A Clear Motivation

Ask yourself, “What is my perfect commuting life?” There is not one answer to this question. Some people want their commute to include exercise, to be more Earth-friendly, more social, or just to get out of the driver seat. What is it for you?

3. Prioritize What’s Most Important

Just like New Year’s resolutions, if your new commute is not a priority, it will easily drop off your plate. You may have to reorganize your day-to-day and shift your schedule for this new commute. Are you willing to do it?

balancing-rock-1316378-639x8714. Balance Is Key

Changing your commute may have a bigger effect than you imagine. It’s important to make sure the commute is mutually beneficial to your schedule, your job, and your mental and physical health.  Over committing will only lead to burn out.

5. Understand All Options

It’s important to not prescribe a solution before you diagnose the problem. Just because your neighbor has found success biking to his job everyday, doesn’t mean you need to run out and buy a bike. A bike commute is not a practical solution if you’re new to cycling and would have a monster commute that takes you through roadways not suitable for novice riders. Educate yourself on all possible solutions with!

6. Let’s Do This Together!

Big changes tend to go over easier when you have strong support. It’s even easier when others are making the change with you! Joining a carpool or vanpool helps ease the stress of doing it alone.

7. Continue Learning

photo-1453282716202-de94e528067cLearning how to commute smartly doesn’t end the minute you make the change. There’s always room for improvement. The extra time you gain with your new commute is a perfect time to work on physical, mental, and social improvements!

Once you think you got this commute thing down, it’s time to inspire others! You can be the catalyst for someone to be proactive about a new smart commute!

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