It’s Bike Month! #GoSmartBike

Happy May (aka Bike Month)! We believe bicycles are an integral part of creating a more environmentally-friendly world, filled with sustainable transportation. Here are a few ways to get involved this Bike Month:

BikeQuote11.Attend An Event
We have bike rides, pit stops, raffles, and much more. Check out our handy-dandy event calendar.

2. Learn the Rules of the Road
Our resource page is filled with great info, such as safety tips and how to put your bike on the bus correctly.

3. Share With Us
We will be sharing tips and tricks, as well as event reminders, on our social media. So hurry and follow us on  FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! And don’t forget, share your bike selfies and event photos using #gosmartbike!

We hope you are feeling the Bike Month excitement like us! Feel free to share our infographic on 2015 bike data from ShareTheRideNC. Keep pedaling!

Bike Stats Graphic

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