Two Link Tuesday: May 17, 2016

May has been busy month for transit! We’ve had a blast celebrating Bike Month, promoting Vanpool, and announcing proposed service changes! Here are two links to keep you up-to-date with transit news in the Triangle.

WakeLogo1. Wake County Transit Plan –
The recommended plan is designed to change transportation in Wake County by offering services such as more frequent buses and a commuter rail linking parts of the Triangle.

Formal Public Hearing | Wednesday, May 18, 5pm | Raleigh Convention Center. Rm 402 +

2. A Cyclist Is Traveling Around the U.S. Using Only Bike and Rail – CityLab
Elena Studier, an intern for the National Association of Railroad Passengers, is on a 38-day journey across the United States to highlight the importance of integrated, multi-modal transportation. She will be stopping in both Charlotte and Raleigh.

Bike US 2

As always, follow us on social media:  FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! Join in on the Bike Month conversation using #GoSmartBike.

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