9 Motivational Reasons To Ride Your Bike

BikeMonth2016-logoYou’ve probably realized by now that May is Bike Month! On the blog we’ve written about local events and bike basics, but have you actually gotten on a bike? No? Gasp! Here are 9 reasons why you should get into the saddle today:

1. Biking is physical fitness. Duh.
Doesn’t get simpler than this: biking is good for you. According to NutriStrategy, a relaxing bike ride (<10 mph) burns more calories than an easy walk. Men’s Fitness

giphy (35)

2. Biking is also mental fitness.
A review published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that exercise plays a huge role in preventing the onset of depression later in life. Bicycling

giphy (33)

3. Save the environment.
A bike commute, paired with walking or mass transit, helps remove one more single-occupancy vehicle off the road.

mtb gif 4(1)

4. Learn and explore your city.
Having a bike is handy for heading downtown to check out museums, restaurants, art, etc. Basically, biking makes you more cultured. Oaks and Spokes

giphy (34)

5. Strut your stuff.
Biking is all about looking good in your bike gear. Kidding! All jokes aside, here’s a guide on what to wear while you ride: Bike League

giphy (36)

6. Find your zen.
While we can’t promise that another biker won’t cut you off, we think adopting a bike commute might help with road rage. Check out our local trails here: GoSmart

giphy (32)

7. Influence change in your community.
You can help make a difference in pedestrian and bike resources by becoming involved. Check out how you can help in Durham: Durham Bike/Walk Plan


8. Enhance your vocabulary.
One unexpected benefit to biking? All the new lingo! We can’t wait for your to find your cadence on your steed – but don’t forget your brain bucket! Greatist

giphy (38)

9. Meet new people! 
Biking is all about community. And so is the Triangle! Want to get started? Find your bike commute buddy using our new ride share matching system: YouTube

giphy (37)

As always, follow us on social media:  FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! Join in on the Bike Month conversation using #GoSmartBike.

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