Biker Profile: David Bradway

start of commute in old west durhamWe had so much fun with the last biker profile, we decided to do another one! David Bradway is a research scientist, in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Duke University, who lives in Durham.

1. What does a regular day of commuting look like for you?
DB: I normally bike a mile and a quarter to my office on Research Drive. On nice days, I have enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the Duke Gardens, while on rainy or cold days I have often taken the Bull City Connector or the Duke Hospital H2 bus.

2. How long have you been using transit or biking? And what is your reason for using alternative transportation?
DB: I was an occasional bike commuter and transit user during graduate school when I lived in South Durham. When I finished my PhD at Duke in 2013 and accepted a postdoc in Denmark, my spouse and I sold our second car. Upon returning to the States, we remained a single-car household and I committed myself to use my bike as my primary means of transportation.

3. What is your favorite part of being a bike commuter? 
DB: As a bike commuter, I enjoy getting some daily exercise as part of my routine commute and find it a lot more fun than driving and paying for a parking pass. I am looking forward to getting my newborn baby girl in a bike seat when she is big enough! I am fortunate to have so much support from my employer and spouse to support my car-free lifestyle.

4. What would you want to say to people who are on the fence about bike commuting?
DB: You don’t have to go fully car-free to enjoy the benefits of transit or a bike commute. Get Uber, Zagster, a car share, Emergency Ride Home, or a carpool buddy to help fill in the gaps and unexpected things that come up. Pair up with someone more experienced to have them show you the ropes and safe routes.

5.biking to durham co-op Anything else?
DB: I am looking forward to contributing to the new Bike and Pedestrian Plan. I want to try the Uber integration with Transloc Rider. I am looking forward to the day that light rail and possibly the West Durham Commuter Rail station are realities.

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