Bus Fare 101

bus fare 101We’ve found a lot of people asking, “Do I need exact change for the bus?” The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. So to clear things up, we’ve created the Ultimate Guide to GoTransit Bus Fares.

Using Cash on the Bus
Have your fare ready before boarding the bus. Insert coins in the coin insertion cup one at a time, or feed flat, unfolded bills into the bill insertion slot. The following denominations can be inserted into the fare box: pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, 50-cent coins, 1-dollar coins, 1-dollar bills, and 5-dollar bills. The box will display the amount entered.

Damaged/rejected coins will go to the coin return cup and the bus operator will notify you. If change is due back, in most cases, the fare box will print out a change card which you can use on your next ride. If you’d like to buy a day pass on the bus, let the operator know before paying your fare. If you transfer between systems save money by purchasing a regional day pass or 31-day pass. Check below for agency details:

  • GoTriangle:  If  you’re owed money, the fare box will print out a change card which can be used towards your fare the next time you ride.
  • GoDurham: Technically, you don’t need exact change, but the drivers can’t give you change back and the fare boxes don’t issue change cards, so if you overpay you’ll get additional passes for later use.
  • GoRaleigh: If you’re paying your way using the bus fare box and you’ll need change, let your driver know before inserting your money so they can signal the fare box to issue a change card for later use. No physical change will be given.
  • GoCary: Please have exact fare ready when boarding the bus; drivers cannot make change.
  • Bull City Connector: This downtown Durham route is fare free!

Buying Passes Online
Only GoTriangle offers online pass buying. Passes are purchased online and shipped to your address. There’s a $1.00 shipping and handling fee per transaction. Passes will be processed and mailed out within one business day.

Other Places To Buy Passes
All of our major transit centers offer fare purchasing but differ in accepted payment type.

  • Regional Transit Center: Cash (no bills over $20, please), credit/debit cards, money orders, and cashier’s checks. No personal checks are accepted.
  • Durham Station: Cash or credit card (Visa, AmEx, MasterCard, Discover)
  • GoRaleigh Station (formerly Moore Square):  Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard and Commuter Check.
    • Harris Teeter stores only sell 7 Day Passes, Reduced Fare 7 Day Passes, and 31 Day Passes. Find locations here.

Discounted Fares
There are certain discounts available for youth, senior citizens and disabled riders. Please go to the GoTriangle, GoDurham, and GoRaleigh websites for specific details.

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