Employer Spotlight: Bob Barker

l_bobbarkerEvery once in a while on the blog we like to highlight employers who have made strides in offering smart commuting options! Today we will be highlighting the Bob Barker Company, the nation’s largest detention supplier.

1. Tell us a little about Bob Barker?
The Bob Barker Company has three offices, with most of the staff, approximately 140 employees, working in the two offices in Fuquay-Varina.  There is also a small office in Utah.

2. What smart commuting options does Bob Barker offer?
Bob Barker offers a robust teleworking program for staff whose work assignment can be done remotely.  They also offer compressed work schedules to help employees reduce the number of times they travel during peak travel hours, which helps reduce road congestion.

CaptureBob Barker also encourages their employees to carpool, vanpool, use transit, bike and walk to work.  Currently, their staff are participating in a competition using Share the Ride NC to see who can get the most points by tracking their trips.

3. Why does this company encourage smart commuting?
Bob Barker has employed several strategies to reduce their carbon footprint.  Encouraging employees to ride together or telework one day a week helps them to reach that goal.

In addition, Bob Barker installed a 500 kilowatt solar farm on the top of the main distribution center in Fuquay-Varina.  They switched to energy efficient lighting and incorporated a comprehensive recycling program, diverting 95% of their waste from the landfills. They have also installed an electric charging station.

4. How do you get employees involved/excited about making smart commute choices?
Basic-Graphic2In 2013, Bob Barker explored their employees’ commuting habits and how to best reduce their carbon footprint.  Just like most worksites, their employees wanted the ability to work from home and more scheduling flexibility. They worked through initial concerns and launched a telework and compressed work week pilot.

Today, that pilot is a full-fledged policy, with about 50 team members teleworking on Fridays. One Bob Barker employee says, “What I love about teleworking is how productive I am! Teleworking is a very focused, uninterrupted time to complete my work. It’s convenient, comfortable, and eliminates the commute.”

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