GoTriangle’s Transit Growth

gotriangle arrowAt GoTriangle we are always trying to improves our region’s quality of life by connecting people and places with reliable, safe, and easy-to-use travel choices. That’s why in this round of service changes we expanded GoTriangle Route 405 to Carrboro and added GoDurham Route 20 to our lineup!

GoTriangle’s Route 405 has been rerouted to provide direct service to the town of Carrboro, along Jones Ferry Rd and Main St. In the morning, trips headed to Durham will start in Carrboro instead of at UNC Hospitals. In the evening, trips leaving Durham will end in Carrboro instead of UNC Hospitals. Learn more about this change here.

New GoDurham Route 20 serves the Hope Valley Commons Park and Ride at NC 54 and NC 751, Jordan High School on Garrett Road, stops along University Drive, Erwin Road, Trent Drive, and Flowers Drive.

This service is the highest-ranked unimplemented service in the Designing Better Bus Service plan. The route provides service every 30 minutes between the hours of 6:20AM-9:48AM and 3:06PM-7:10PM, Monday through Friday. Learn more here.

GoTriangle continues to provide travel choices that reduce congestion and energy use, save money, and promote sustainability, healthier lifestyles, and a more environmentally responsible community. As always, connect with us on  Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn!

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