4 Apps To Change Your Commute

H4 appsere at GoTriangle, we believe one of the best parts about a smart commute is the chance to do something else besides stare at traffic. Our Vanpool riders rave about the time to nap or read. Bus riders love the chance to check emails or social media. Here are 4 apps that will help make your commute a little bit better!

1. TransLoc Rider – Bus Tracking
We think TransLoc is the bee’s knees! You can save your favorite routes, find your wait time, and get alerts when your bus arrives. Download TransLoc on App Store or Google Play.

giphy (45)

2. Google Maps – Real-Time Navigation
If you find yourself in a place where you don’t know the closest bus stop or want to plan in advance, Google Maps is a great app to have handy. Put your starting and ending destination and select transit option. Download Google Maps on App Store or Google Play.

giphy (46)

3. Twitter – Bus Updates and News
Do you have an immediate question or concern? Follow and reach out to us on Twitter! We have accounts for GoTriangle, GoDurham, and Bull City Connector. If you want to submit other feedback: gotriangle.org/feedbackDownload Twitter on App Store or Google Play.

giphy (44)

4. Any Other App!
As our GoTriangle buses are wifi-enabled, your bus trip is a great time to check in on social media, read emails, listen to podcasts/music, and much more. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn!

giphy (43)

What are your favorite apps to use on the bus? Tweet us at @GoTriangle!

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