10 Reasons Why We Love Transit

10-reasons-graphicAs we just get into Try Transit Month, we want to talk to you about all things transit. Duh! But we know making a big leap in your commute can be scary. Here are some reasons why we love transit that we think you might like too!

1. Save Money
If your employer doesn’t provide GoPasses, check out our Bus Fare Guide. You could save up to $9,000 yearly by taking the bus instead.


2. No Parking
We know finding a parking spot can sometimes be tricky. No need to worry with transit!

giphy (1).gif

3. Free Emergency Ride Home Program
When emergency strikes, our free ride home program saves the day. Learn more.


4. Save Time
Get to your destination quicker and get more done!


5. Safety
Studies have found that car crash risk go down when you take transit. Read here.


6. Wi-Fi
Our GoTriangle buses are outfitted with wi-fi so you can get stuff done while you ride.


7. Peace of Mind
There’s nothing like kicking back and relaxing on your way to work instead of sitting through the traffic grind.


8. Wear-and-Tear on Car
One of the most common reasons our riders love to ride transit is getting to leave their car at home.


9. No Traffic
Bus on shoulder means that when you ride transit, you stay out of traffic.


10. Text. Chat. Read. Sleep.
Your commute is the perfect time to catch up on emails or rest your eyes. Here are 7 things you could do while commuting.


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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why We Love Transit

  1. #11 – The sense of smug pride you feel when your non-transit-riding coworkers complain about their car payments.

    Also, love the GIFs.

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