GoTogether: NC State

Carl1.pngCarl and Bethany Colglazier commute to class on North Carolina State University‘s campus every weekday by bus. From GoTriangle’s Route 300 to NC State’s Wolfline, they use transit to get to where they need to go, together.

Carl Colglazier is a Sophomore at NC State studying Computer Science and Communications. He started looking for transit options when he started at NCSU last year. He says, “I determined that GoTriangle was a good fit for me because I was looking for something that was affordable and convenient.”

This year Carl’s younger sister Bethany Colglazier, a freshman studying Industrial Engineering, started joining him on his daily commute. They start their journey in Cary, riding GoTriangle’s Route 300 to campus. Once there, they use the Wolfline to get around to different classes. Carl says being able to commute was definitely a factor in deciding to go to NC State.

Carl says what he enjoys most about taking transit: “I can use my computer while I’m commuting which is a really nice time saver.” Carl also enjoys the ease of using the TransLoc real time app to figure out when the bus will arrive.  Carl’s not shy in recommending a ride on the bus, “Look at what’s out there, all the opportunities to use public transit. We really need more people using it.”


GoTriangle’s GoTogether campaign inspires our community to seek viable travel option to work, school, doctor’s appointments and other important places, without driving alone in a car. Working together, we can better connect all people in our rapidly growing region to greater opportunities. GoTriangle provides information and resources about safe, reliable, and easy-to-use travel choices including bus, bike, walking, carpool, and vanpool. Learn more at

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