Why You Should Be Riding Transit Right Now

#GoTogether walk.pngOn Tuesday, GoTriangle launched their GoTogether campaign, sharing a new websitelaunch video, and asking riders to share their story using #GoTogether.

The day was filled with wonderful stories of multimodal experiences, friends who travel together, and transit camaraderie. Still on the fence about transit? Let current riders ease your worries:

1. Get work done!
The benefit of wi-fi on the bus means you can read the news or get a head start on your day.

2. Sharpen your mind
The bus ride is a great time to read a book, listen to a podcast, or just reflect on your day ahead.

3. Meet wonderful people
Riding the bus gives you daily contact with an awesome array of people, including Carolyn, Jason, and Arlo, that you just wouldn’t get stuck behind the wheel.

4. Multimodal opportunities
Many GoTriangle riders bike to and from their stop. Bike racks on the front of the bus let them do that. And we love it!

5. Commuter benefits
If you become a member of ShareTheRideNC you get access to GoPerks and the Emergency Ride Home program. Oh right, and that little hidden benefit of getting to your destination faster!

6. Listen to music
Whether you are listening to the Hamilton or Beyonce, riding transit means you can jam out.

7. Get where you need to go
GoTriangle is a regional provider, getting you all across the Triangle. And we love our partners: GoDurham, GoRaleigh, GoCary, and Chapel Hill Transit.

Learn more about #GoTogether at gotogethernc.com and by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Watch the launch video!

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