Guest Post: Why a longer commute makes me 4X happier

Henry Copeland, the founder of (an app that boosts motivation, team spirit, and fitness), recently gave GoTriangle‘s Route 405 a try. Route 405 is the GoTriangle connection between Chapel Hill and Durham. Copeland was surprised to find joy in transit: “What started a few weeks back as a one-day experiment has turned into a psychic journey that’s been full of pleasant surprises.”

Now that the experiment is over, Copeland continues to ride the bus every day. Despite a longer commute, 52 minutes by bus versus 30 minutes by car, Copeland says, “the journey feels both shorter and far more productive.”

Some of the benefits of a bus commute that Copeland found include getting work done with the use of bus wi-fi, a more structured morning as to not miss the bus, time to “reflect on the challenges ahead and do some prioritizing,” read, people-watch, not worry about traffic, and reset.

Copeland thanks his friend John Rees for encouraging him to try the bus. We thank Copeland for sharing his transit experience!

**You can read the entire post by Henry Copeland on the Racery blog.

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