Win Big | #NewYearNewCommute

Are you considering your New Year’s Resolutions? Set yourself up for success! When you sign up for ShareTheRideNC, you get a chance at $500/month in prizes from GoPerks. GoTriangle’s personal concierge can provide you with customized assistance to find the best options for you! Scroll down to see more or visit


Want to lose weight or get in shape? Try taking the bus. You read that right. Biking or walking to work is great, but most people in the Triangle don’t have that option. Although it may only be a short walk to the bus stop, those quick trips burn calories and add up to your 10,000 steps. Call the transit information center at 919-485-RIDE (7433) for assistance.

Want to save more money? Cut expenses by sharing the cost at the pump. Already know someone to ride with? Try it once or twice a week before you make a long-term commitment. Not sure where to start? GoTriangle can help you find an alternative travel option with our customized assistance form.

driving gifWant to get better use of your time or reduce stress? Carpool, vanpool, and bus all help you keep that commitment to maintain work-life balance. Plus, you can use the time you’re not behind the wheel to learn a second language, respond to emails, read a book, or get to your evening plans on time.

No matter what your New Year’s Resolutions might be, consider the amount of time you spend driving alone to work. Is it encouraging you to stick to your resolutions? If not, consider a new roundtrip option to make your resolutions a reality.

GoTriangle thinks 2017 is the year your commute changes. Learn more about New Year, New Commute and GoPerks at and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #NewYearNewCommute.

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