Explore Your City | #NewYearNewCommute

explore-your-cityDuring the month of January, we are posting about resolutions and commute options as part of our New Year, New Commute series. A few posts ago we talked about resolutions that require a little extra time, like learning something new or reading and writing more. Instead of carving into your sleep time to dig into a new book, we recommended revolutionizing your commute time. Today we will be talking about using public transit to explore your city.

While some people resolve to lose weight or save money in the new year, others want to find deeper meaning and establish their roots. Traveling by transit is one of the best ways to explore the city you call home, whether by bus, bike, or walking.

Traveling by bus gives you a chance to look around. Behind the wheel, your eyes are stuck on the road and the stress of traffic, but on the bus, you can see the parts of your neighborhood you haven’t seen before. Plus, there are perks to being a bus rider:

By signing up for ShareTheRideNC and tracking your commute, you are eligible for GoPerks monthly gift card giveaways! If you are a student at a local university, you may be eligible to win a $50 gift card. Learn more at gotriangle.org/newyear.

Biking is another wonderful way to explore your city. On a bike, there is not much between you and the roads, trails, and sidewalks of your town. Bike commuter Ben August says, “[When biking] you get a vastly superior relationship with your neighborhoods and in your town because you become part of it. You’re not hiding in a metal box every day.”

See Ben’s bike commute story:

Whether you walk to work, walk to your bus stop, or just walk for leisure, there is no denying that walking is good for you. Research shows that public transit riders get three times more physical activity than those who drive alone. That extra activity is not only good for your waistline but also your mental health.

Here are a few popular destinations in the Triangle for you to explore. The new year is here, now is the time to make a commute change. Don’t miss out on all that nature and your city has to offer: consider alternative transportation! Learn more at gotriangle.org/newyear.

For all the latest in transit news, follow GoTriangle on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Share how you explore your city by using #NewYearNewCommute.

2 thoughts on “Explore Your City | #NewYearNewCommute

  1. “You’re not hiding in a metal box every day.”

    THIS ^^

    So, I treated myself to a new bicycle this year as part of my ongoing commitment to transit commuting. The bike is perfect for the urban environment and allows so much better visibility and balance than my previous road bike. I highly encourage more people to try incorporating some cycling into their commutes, especially if they live within a city.

    Cycling just so happens to be an ideal form of navigating a more dense urban setting due to all the new development and traffic due to population growth, as well as lack of car parking.

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