route-100-nync-1Whether you are a daily bus commuter or have never stepped on a bus in your life, Route 100 is the perfect ride for you.

Route 100 is a GoTriangle route with stops at Regional Transit Center in Durham, GoRaleigh (formerly Moore Square) Station in Raleigh, and RDU International Airport. We think catching a ride on Route 100 is a perfect transit option to get you to and from your airport terminal.

Making Route 100 part of your travel plans means:

  • Leaving your car at home: You don’t have to pay for gas, clean our your trunk to fit your luggage, or leave your car unattended at the airport.
  • Save money: Extended airport parking fees and taxi rides really add up. It’s only $2.25 (less than a Starbucks coffee!) to get you to your flight on Route 100.
  • Save time: Route 100 pulls up right up to the RDU terminal, meaning you don’t have to drive around in circles in the parking garage looking for a spot.
  • Peace of mind: “Bus On Shoulder System” means that if traffic hits, Route 100 can hop on the shoulder and get you there right on time.
  • Better use of time: Since you aren’t behind the wheel, you can spend your bus trip texting mom your ETA, sending cute bus selfies, or checking the weather of your travel destination!

Route 100 is just one of many transit options the triangle has to offer. If you’re interested in learning more about how transit can take you there, check out our blog post on popular destinations. And if you think taking the bus might be more than a one-time thing, check out our New Year, New Commute page at

GoTriangle thinks 2017 is the year your commute changes. If smart commuting has become part of your life this new year, share your story using #NewYearNewCommute on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Route 100 | #NewYearNewCommute

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