Friendships | #NewYearNewCommute

friendships-1If your New Year’s resolution is to find time to build relationships, your ticket to success could be finding a new way to commute with others. GoTriangle’s #NewYearNewCommute campaign is helping many local residents chart new routes to togetherness.

Whether you’re traveling to work or school, check out how you can turn time on the road into closer connections with friends and family as these local folks did:

Father and Son Bond
Ben August lives in Carrboro and bikes with his son, Jacob, to his elementary school, before riding on to his job in downtown Chapel Hill. “Jacob likes it a lot,” Ben says. “We go together because at least, for us, it is priceless father-and-son time.”

Ben first caught the biking bug in California, where he began riding to work, and never lost his love of pedaling, passing it along to Jacob, who says he wants to be just like his dad.

Hanging Out With Friends
Students at Research Triangle High School ride GoTriangle’s buses to and from their charter school in Research Triangle Park. Although they live in 11 counties flung across North Carolina, they share their final destination together. Research Triangle High School student Albert Huynh says riding the bus allows him to gain time with his friends who share the journey.

If you’re thinking of trying a new way of commuting, the winter months might be just the time to get going. Those who suffer from the “winter blues” could find that the daily dose of sunlight outdoors, the connection with people met along the way and the additional exercise that comes with commuting (walking to the bus or pedaling places) lifts their spirits.  Plus, there’s always the opportunity to make new friends.

Route 420 Community
The riders of Route 420 from Hillsborough to Chapel Hill have made new friends on the bus, and now some of them even hang out together on weekends. They began riding the bus as strangers to take advantage of their GoPasses provided as an employee benefit of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Now they look out for each other, knowing when someone is late getting to the stop and sending each other email bus updates.

Have you made personal connections along your commute? Share your transit story using #NewYearNewCommute and follow us on your favorite social networks!

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