Students Win Big | #NewYearNewCommute

Are you a college student in the Triangle area? Did you know you could win a $50 Visa gift card for tracking a bus trip? To celebrate #NewYearNewCommute, we are offering gift cards to students who try out trip-tracking on STRNC. It’s simple: register at and track a trip in the STRNC Commute Calendar.

nync-studentsHow do I get started? Find a trip you can track. A smart travel choice includes riding the bus, carpooling, biking, or walking. So whether you are just trying to get to class or want to get out of town, you have options:

Need help finding the right bus? If you have never taken the bus or need help planning your trip, call our customer service center at 919-485-RIDE, plan ahead on Google Maps, or check out the TransLoc app.

Need help finding someone to ride with? Carpooling is a great option, and available on STRNC! When you and your fellow carpoolers choose to smart commute, you benefit by sharing the cost of gas & parking and reduce emissions. Plus, by tracking your trip, you can see the money you saved and environmental impact of your trip. If you just need one ride, be sure to check out One Time Trip Matching.

Still not sure if smart commuting is right for you? Check out some popular reasons why people love using transit:

  • Saving money. According to AAA in 2015, it’s estimated the annual cost to own and operate a vehicle is $8,698. Compare the average meal plan cost of $1,988/per semester and you’ve found a way to pay for your meals.
  • Use your time effectively. If you want to get organized and de-stress, get out of your car and into a commute that can work for you. Carve out that time that can be just for you. Replace your commute behind the wheel with catching up on reading, studying or working on your big project.
  • Get healthier. Transit users get more physical activity than those who drive alone… three times as much. That may also help you lose weight.
  • Your university has got your back. Do you go to DukeNCSUUNC or Wake Tech? They may have free commute options for you!

So let’s do this! Once you track a single trip on, you’ll to be entered into the $50 gift card prize– just remember to log your trip before midnight on January 31st!

Visit to find the best travel mode that fits your plans. Be sure to tweet us using #NewYearNewCommute on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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