Route 20: Your Commute Made Easy

GoDurham’s Route 20 is your connection between south Durham and the Hope Valley Commons Park and Ride to Duke University and the Durham VA Medical Center. Implemented in August 2016, this route was the highest-ranked unimplemented service in the Designing Better Bus Service plan. Learn more by watching our latest video:

Route 20 is a great option for both students and employees to park at the Hope Valley Commons Park and Ride in south Durham and commute by bus to Duke’s campus, the hospital or the VA Medical Center.

ARoute 20.pnglison Carpenter, Duke University Transportation Demand Manager, believes Route 20 is a great solution for the university’s current parking challenges: “Even if folks only ride the bus one or two days a week, it frees up the parking spaces that we do have for other users.”

The Durham VA Medical Center has similar issues with parking. Pete Tillman, chief of the Durham VA’s Health Administration Service, says, “Public transportation allows us to free up parking spaces on our campus so veterans can access care, and our employees can get to work in a reliable, timely manner.”

Besides limited parking, employees and students have many other reasons to consider a bus commute. Commuting by bus lowers carbon emissions, takes away traffic stress and leads to a healthier lifestyle. Plus, the route provides service every 30 minutes during peak hours, Monday through Friday.

To see the route schedule and timetable click here. If you need assistance with your new commute, be sure to download the TransLoc Rider app or contact our Customer Service Center at (919) 485-RIDE (7433). Happy commuting!

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