Beat the Heat

Summer… the fastest passing season of the entire year.  For most it’s a season that you don’t want to end.  Not me.  I have quite literally been counting down the days until this unbearable heat is over.  Anyone who knows me knows that when summer starts I will NOT be outside during the day, for any reason. 

However, every morning at 6:45am I wake up and run a few miles to start my day and while doing so, I often wonder, how can anyone  like a season that spits out 89° temperatures at 6:45am?  NOT COOL.  That thought got me thinking about another major reason I absolutely dislike summer. 

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Calling all Students!

                There’s a unique opportunity coming up this Fall for college graduate and undergraduate students interested in art and cycling.  The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) is giving five lucky students the opportunity to show their artwork at this year’s Professional Development Seminar in Charlotte!

Not only can the students share their art posters, but also their current school research, projects, or work-term experience on topics related to the Professional Development Seminar (PDS) themes. These themes include Complete Streets Design and Implementation, New Guidelines, Research and Standards, or Livability and Economic Development.

Unfortunately, I lack the slightest bit of artistic talent and can barely draw a tree, but there’s hope for people like me!  Continue reading

Thank Me Later


How do you feel when someone says that to you?  Well those words typically make me feel like whatever task I did meant something. 

In this “rush first, think later” kind of environment, I’ve found that “Thank You” is becoming less and less a part of our vocabulary.  Its not because people aren’t thankful anymore, we just don’t take the time to say so. Continue reading

Durham Does Father’s Day

There are an invisible set of rules and characteristics that every man must abide by…Man Law.  In this sacred code, lie two of the most vital characteristics.  These characteristics state that ALL men like beer and burgers.  Throughout my years as an adult I have seen these traits to be true. 

Now that you have been enlightened with this knowledge about mankind, where are you going to take your father for Father’s Day on June 19th? DING!  You’re correct, a place with beer and burgers!  I just so happen to know the perfect place.

Heaven perhaps?  Your dad may think so on Father’s Day if treated to this jewel in Durham.  Continue reading

Beating the Commute

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and decided that I wanted to become a SmartCommuter.  Yes, I know the SmartCommute Challenge ended last week.  I guess you can say I heard my calling a bit late.  Anyway, I feel like as the new Marketing Intern, I should start to practice what I preach and use alternative transportation.

That being said, I made some calls to find a bike I could borrow for the summer.  Luckily, one of my friends is out of town all summer so… I’ll use his while he’s gone. Perfect!  Now, in order to not look like a newbie bike rider I decided that I needed some gear so I raided the storage room at the office and gathered any biking materials I saw, including the wildly entertaining bike reflector lights.  Continue reading

Local Spotlight: Sugarland

What do you think about when you hear the word “Sugarland”?  Personally, I think of colorful fields with rainbows, unicorns prancing around, trees made of chocolate, flowers made of chewy sweets, and cotton candy clouds….but I’m sure I’m the only one with that vision.  When UNC students hear the word Sugarland, they think about a quaint store on Franklin Street with cupcakes to fit any preference.

Last week on my bus riding adventure to Chapel Hill, the Triangle Transit 400/405 route stopped directly in front of Sugarland.  Now I’m from Durham so I had never heard of this place, but I am SO glad that I know about it now. After being dazzled by the colors and name, I had no choice but to at least go in and check it out.

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