GoTriangle Recognizes Employees with Service Awards

Board Room 2Every day, over 200 GoTriangle employees provide high-quality transit services to a growing region. From the service attendant who makes sure the vehicles are clean, to the call center employee who helps riders plan their trips, to the operators who safely deliver passengers to their destinations and the planners working to expand services in Durham, Orange and Wake counties, each is part of GoTriangle’s success.

Today the GoTriangle Board of Trustees recognized 43 employees with service awards.  General Manager Jeff Mann told the board and employees, “Congratulations to all honored for their service to GoTriangle.  We are proud of our team, their hard work and their dedication to provide the best transit services in the Triangle to thousands each day.”   Continue reading

GoTogether: The Exploris School

4-exploris-emissionsThe Exploris School is a charter school in downtown Raleigh and one of the first model STEM schools in North Carolina. With no bus services available for their students, they encourage parents to carpool or students to take the bus. These alternative options not only reduce carbon emissions but have encouraged independence in students.

Summer Clayton, executive director of The Exploris School, says, “We never want transportation to be a barrier for students that are able to get to Exploris and attend our school.” Continue reading

Explore Your City | #NewYearNewCommute

explore-your-cityDuring the month of January, we are posting about resolutions and commute options as part of our New Year, New Commute series. A few posts ago we talked about resolutions that require a little extra time, like learning something new or reading and writing more. Instead of carving into your sleep time to dig into a new book, we recommended revolutionizing your commute time. Today we will be talking about using public transit to explore your city. Continue reading

Year In Review | GoTriangle

gt-year2016 was an exciting year for transit and smart commuting! In 2016, GoTriangle introduced #GoTogether, a campaign to inspire the community to seek viable travel options outside of driving alone in a car. We also sent Route 405 into Carrboro, gave out 10 well-deserved Golden Modes awards,  filled three Storm Relief Buses to the brim, and passed the Wake Transit Plan! Continue reading

New Year, New Commute 2017

NYNC 2017 2.pngDo you have your New Year’s resolution ready? If not, it’s getting close to the deadline! Popular resolutions this year include getting more exercise, saving money, and living your best life.

We think that no matter what resolution you pick, your commute can help. So whether you want to fill your wallet, lose weight, or be happier, transit may be of assistance! Continue reading